Skeleton X, W, V


Skeleton X, Commons: Portfolio (Skeleton), 2014


Commons: Portfolio (Skeleton), 2014
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Skeleton X, 2014
3D-printed alumide powder, etched cast aluminum, reinforcing steel rebars, steel nuts and bolts.


Skeleton W, 2014


Skeleton V, 2014

Assume that the bone structure is akin to the one of reinforced concrete. Then, the six-meter long rebars that define the skeleton of a building would correspond to the collagen bars that run through the bone. The cement that is poured into the temporary wooden molds which are built around the steel rebars would be analogous to the crystallized blood minerals that surround the collagen bars. In association with these collagen bars, minerals such calcium and phosphorus provide to bone with resistance equivalent to the one deriving from the tight structural compound comprised of cement and rebars. Without the reinforcing rebars the cement would crumble. Without the cement the rebars would bend.