Petros Moris, Artifacts2

  • venus figurine,Small statue in the style of prehistoric venus figurines. Nothing great, just learning the features.
    by Jason
  • Crystal Tear-Drop Vases, A set of crystal vase inspired by the dual tone tear-drop vases.
    by Surya Murali
  • Mirrow,espejo para decorar culaquien parte de la casa, un pasillo, un cuarto de baño, el material es de marmol y el espejo tiene efecto de luz , compruebenlo
    by rubicundo2
  • Decoração carinha de metal,
    by Designer Tiago
    by guru
  • espejo 2, mirrow
  • Ornamento 14, Elementos decorativos.
    by Arq.Manu_Cadorin
  • Plantas arranjos decorativos,
    by Designer Tiago
  • Potted Plant, Potted plant with flower buds
    by Graham
  • Ornamento 3, Elemento decorativo.
    by Arq.Manu_Cadorin
  • Ornamento 4, Elemento decorativo.
    by Arq.Manu_Cadorin
  • Decorative Dual Texture Flower Vases, Dual texture flower vase featuring a smoked circular inner globe. This model is featured in my Bed-N-Breakfast Suite.
    by MidsummerMan
  • Wall Mirror for collection, Wall Mirror for collection
    by moboille
  • Strange Wooden Vase, strange wooden vase
    by Rolling Stone
  • Handy Asset on our DeskTOP, A Reliable SU Modeling Team here at Your Service.
    by SketchTOP
  • Hanging Philodendron, The top section of rope can be adjusted by selecting the end geometry and dragging it up or down. This model has 1016 faces. All geometry was created in Sketchup, all textures from photos of philodendron leaves on the back porch. All photos for textures edited in Gimp. Please take a moment to rate this model. When VIEWING and USING plants be sure, “use anti_aliased textures “is OFF, found under model info > rendering. All EDGE STYLES should be OFF. When USING plants you should group them, you should scale individual plants up or down 10% to 20% and rotate them so no two of the same type look the same from any one angle, tilt some of them just little, plants don’t grow straight up.
    by Darrell Smith
  • Set of Vases II, My second set of weird vases!
    by Surya Murali
  • Ornate Hex Head, A complex ornament (a finial perhaps?) based off of a hexago.
    by Cailensniker
  • Ornamento 7, Elemento decorativo.
    by Arq.Manu_Cadorin
  • strange object, i donnu what it is exactly
    by hossam
  • Ornamento 6, Bandeja decorativa.
    by Arq.Manu_Cadorin
  • Bark Sculpture 4, Another pine bark, very knobbly. Added a little more color. Two different TINs are intersected.
    by fred bartels